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 The changde Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K9064/K9065  ChangDe (常德)
 TongRen (铜仁)
Fast train 00:20 10:50 10h36m 377Km
  K936  ChangDe (常德)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 01:02 08:33 7h37m 434Km
  K935  ChangDe (常德)
 GuangZhouDong (广州东)
Fast train 01:40 12:57 11h23m 482Km
  K1095/K1098  ChangDe (常德)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 02:09 13:48 11h44m 905Km
  K932  ChangDe (常德)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 02:29 09:55 7h32m 486Km
  K1171/K1174  ChangDe (常德)
 HuiZhou (惠州)
Fast train 02:33 16:20 13h52m 1054Km
  K501/K504  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
Fast train 02:46 05:28 2h48m 198Km
  K536/K537  ChangDe (常德)
 LuoYang (洛阳)
Fast train 02:57 15:32 12h41m 818Km
  K535/K538  ChangDe (常德)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
Fast train 04:47 18:44 14h3m 1052Km
  K9036/K9037  ChangDe (常德)
 ZhangJiaJie (张家界)
Fast train 06:52 09:40 2h59m 199Km
  K966/K967  ChangDe (常德)
 ZhangJiaJie (张家界)
Fast train 08:27 11:20 2h59m 315Km
  D7562  ChangDe (常德)
 ShiMenXianBei (石门县北)
EMU 08:48 09:42 56m 81Km
  D7571  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 09:09 11:02 1h57m 198Km
  K9091  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
Fast train 09:21 11:44 2h23m 198Km
  K9026/K9027  ChangDe (常德)
 ZhangJiaJie (张家界)
Fast train 09:30 12:04 2h38m 199Km
  K1373/K1376  ChangDe (常德)
 HuaiHua (怀化)
Fast train 09:53 17:10 7h20m 426Km
  D7565  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 09:58 11:56 1h58m 198Km
  K785/K788  ChangDe (常德)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 10:08 19:10 9h6m 617Km
  T8321/T8324  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
特快 10:33 12:40 2h11m 198Km
  D7561  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 10:48 12:46 2h0m 198Km
  D7574  ChangDe (常德)
 ShiMenXianBei (石门县北)
EMU 13:25 14:19 57m 81Km
  K807/K810  ChangDe (常德)
 HuaiHua (怀化)
Fast train 13:49 21:20 7h35m 468Km
  D7570  ChangDe (常德)
 ShiMenXianBei (石门县北)
EMU 14:08 15:02 57m 81Km
  D7564  ChangDe (常德)
 ShiMenXianBei (石门县北)
EMU 15:19 16:13 56m 81Km
  D7573  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 15:28 17:32 2h7m 198Km
  K965/K968  ChangDe (常德)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 15:50 17:40 25h56m 1791Km
  D7567  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 16:04 17:58 1h56m 198Km
  D7563  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 17:20 19:13 1h56m 198Km
  K9025/K9028  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
Fast train 17:55 20:13 2h23m 198Km
  K808/K809  ChangDe (常德)
 WuXi (无锡)
Fast train 19:05 15:27 20h27m 1515Km
  K9035/K9038  ChangDe (常德)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 19:16 06:12 10h59m 905Km
  K502/K503  ChangDe (常德)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
Fast train 19:26 10:53 15h33m 402Km
  K1096/K1097  ChangDe (常德)
 DaZhou (达州)
Fast train 19:37 09:38 14h6m 786Km
  D7575  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 19:57 21:56 1h59m 198Km
  K9063/K9066  ChangDe (常德)
 ShenZhenXi (深圳西)
Fast train 20:13 11:11 15h3m 1067Km
  K786/K787  ChangDe (常德)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
Fast train 20:33 13:28 16h59m 1158Km
  D7569  ChangDe (常德)
 ChangSha (长沙)
EMU 20:36 22:26 0m 198Km
  T8322/T8323  ChangDe (常德)
 ZhangJiaJie (张家界)
特快 20:41 23:03 2h26m 198Km
  K931/K934  ChangDe (常德)
 GuangZhouDong (广州东)
Fast train 20:45 08:48 12h9m 913Km
  K1172/K1173  ChangDe (常德)
 DaZhou (达州)
Fast train 21:12 13:33 16h25m 1083Km
  K1374/K1375  ChangDe (常德)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 21:28 15:12 17h49m 1375Km
  K9075  ChangDe (常德)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
Fast train 21:38 11:00 13h22m 1052Km
  D7566  ChangDe (常德)
 ShiMenXianBei (石门县北)
EMU 21:39 22:33 1h0m 81Km
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