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 The changshan Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K4279  ChangShan (常山)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 07:37 11:19 3h48m 301Km
  D5408  ChangShan (常山)
 HangZhou (杭州)
EMU 08:49 11:41 2h55m 306Km
  D5407  ChangShan (常山)
 KaiHua (开化)
EMU 14:46 14:59 15m 21Km
  D2106  ChangShan (常山)
 QuZhou (衢州)
EMU 15:47 16:06 25m 33Km
  K529/K532  ChangShan (常山)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
Fast train 16:14 21:19 29h8m 1964Km
  D2105  ChangShan (常山)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 16:54 20:40 3h48m 436Km
  K421/K424  ChangShan (常山)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 17:01 22:27 5h29m 569Km
  K1371  ChangShan (常山)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 17:40 22:16 4h40m 301Km
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