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 The fangchenggangbei Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D8342  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 07:50 08:50 1h0m 148Km
  D8344  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 09:55 10:55 1h0m 148Km
  D8346  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 10:35 11:35 1h0m 148Km
  D3745/D3748  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 11:36 16:42 5h6m 711Km
  T8711/T8714  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 BeiHai (北海)
特快 11:54 13:18 1h24m 139Km
  D8350  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 13:02 14:02 1h0m 148Km
  D8354  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 16:18 17:18 1h0m 148Km
  T8715/T8718  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 BeiHai (北海)
特快 17:00 18:27 1h27m 139Km
  D8454  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 GuiLinBei (桂林北)
EMU 18:02 22:31 4h29m 546Km
  D9690  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 LiuZhou (柳州)
EMU 19:28 22:40 3h12m 382Km
  D9646  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 20:40 21:40 1h0m 148Km
  D8356  FangChengGangBei (防城港北)
 NanNingDong (南宁东)
EMU 21:50 22:50 1h0m 148Km
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