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 The fuyang Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K1109  FuYang (阜阳)
 HuangShan (黄山)
Fast train 00:03 09:46 9h58m 608Km
  T395/T398  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDao (青岛)
特快 00:07 11:23 11h30m 961Km
  K2906/K2907  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 00:14 13:39 13h40m 892Km
  T179  FuYang (阜阳)
 GuangZhou (广州)
特快 00:19 16:30 16h27m 1430Km
  K1072  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 00:21 10:59 10h52m 855Km
  K1066/K1067  FuYang (阜阳)
 HanKou (汉口)
Fast train 00:31 05:00 4h44m 341Km
  Z226/Z227  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJing (北京)
新空直达 00:40 07:42 7h13m 865Km
  K725/K728  FuYang (阜阳)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 01:03 13:38 36h56m 2496Km
  K1454  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 01:17 11:16 10h9m 855Km
  K341/K344  FuYang (阜阳)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 01:19 08:52 7h41m 594Km
  K2277/K2276  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 01:24 06:36 5h24m 381Km
  K1263  FuYang (阜阳)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 01:35 10:51 9h31m 666Km
  K1110  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 01:39 12:35 11h11m 855Km
  K59/K62  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 01:48 13:53 12h21m 892Km
  K1073  FuYang (阜阳)
 ChangSha (长沙)
Fast train 01:57 12:59 11h27m 723Km
  K1074  FuYang (阜阳)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 02:05 09:33 7h51m 568Km
  1152/1153  FuYang (阜阳)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Ordinary quick 02:08 11:21 9h28m 666Km
  K568/K569  FuYang (阜阳)
 DongGuanDong (东莞东)
Fast train 02:11 21:23 19h37m 1456Km
  Z71  FuYang (阜阳)
 SanMingBei (三明北)
新空直达 02:22 10:55 8h40m 946Km
  T327/T326  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Air express 02:35 06:54 4h38m 381Km
  K2386/K2387  FuYang (阜阳)
 ChangChun (长春)
Fast train 02:42 05:04 26h46m 1616Km
  K572  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 02:50 12:56 10h28m 836Km
  K1195/K1198  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDaoBei (青岛北)
Fast train 02:59 16:19 13h49m 918Km
  Z107  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
新空直达 03:12 18:10 15h4m 1524Km
  K567/K570  FuYang (阜阳)
 QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
Fast train 03:24 10:08 31h17m 2295Km
  Z295/Z298  FuYang (阜阳)
 GanZhou (赣州)
新空直达 03:37 13:03 9h34m 1018Km
  K891/K894  FuYang (阜阳)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 03:40 13:03 9h41m 666Km
  Z182/Z183  FuYang (阜阳)
 LinHe (临河)
新空直达 03:45 00:41 21h21m 1746Km
  K60/K61  FuYang (阜阳)
 NanTong (南通)
Fast train 03:48 13:30 10h1m 290Km
  K571  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiaMen (厦门)
Fast train 04:09 21:58 18h2m 1446Km
  K2275/K2278  FuYang (阜阳)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 04:23 14:06 10h3m 666Km
  T396/T397  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
特快 04:28 20:54 16h41m 1524Km
  K1620/K1621  FuYang (阜阳)
 TianJin (天津)
Fast train 04:39 15:33 11h18m 850Km
  Z225/Z228  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
新空直达 04:49 07:42 3h1m 258Km
  Z308  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 04:56 12:06 7h16m 855Km
  K892/K893  FuYang (阜阳)
 DaTong (大同)
Fast train 05:12 21:02 16h5m 1238Km
  Z57/Z60  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 05:58 13:05 7h13m 843Km
  K1136/K1137  FuYang (阜阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 05:59 10:48 29h9m 1896Km
  Z108  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 06:05 13:17 7h19m 855Km
  K8564  FuYang (阜阳)
 BoZhou (亳州)
Fast train 06:22 07:30 1h21m 104Km
  K106  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 06:34 16:25 10h1m 855Km
  Z111/Z114  FuYang (阜阳)
 HaiKou (海口)
新空直达 06:47 08:46 26h24m 2198Km
  T181/T184  FuYang (阜阳)
 HanKou (汉口)
特快 06:55 10:53 4h21m 341Km
  K1045/K1048  FuYang (阜阳)
 LeiHe (漯河)
Fast train 07:00 12:01 5h21m 293Km
  K1396/K1397  FuYang (阜阳)
 TaiYuan (太原)
Fast train 07:06 20:22 13h39m 938Km
  K68/K69  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDao (青岛)
Fast train 07:29 20:54 13h38m 935Km
  K131/K134  FuYang (阜阳)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Fast train 07:36 06:17 22h53m 1568Km
  K8500  FuYang (阜阳)
 BoZhou (亳州)
Fast train 07:50 08:56 1h16m 104Km
  K875/K878  FuYang (阜阳)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 07:57 20:42 37h5m 2496Km
  K1238/K1239  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 07:59 12:53 5h5m 381Km
  K8553  FuYang (阜阳)
 WuHu (芜湖)
Fast train 08:32 14:27 5h55m 362Km
  K730/K731  FuYang (阜阳)
 GuangZhouDong (广州东)
Fast train 08:33 05:26 21h16m 1549Km
  K726/K727  FuYang (阜阳)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 08:34 14:56 30h45m 2102Km
  K8367/K8366  FuYang (阜阳)
 BoZhou (亳州)
Fast train 08:43 09:55 1h24m 104Km
  K1619/K1622  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 08:49 06:22 21h58m 1521Km
  Z103/Z102  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiaMen (厦门)
新空直达 09:00 20:01 11h26m 1320Km
  K1196/K1197  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 09:07 21:53 13h11m 902Km
  K105  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
Fast train 09:29 04:20 19h1m 1517Km
  K8415  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
Fast train 09:50 12:35 2h52m 221Km
  K1506/K1507  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhouKou (周口)
Fast train 09:52 12:45 3h8m 147Km
  Z145/Z148  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
新空直达 09:59 13:19 3h26m 393Km
  K2905/K2908  FuYang (阜阳)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 10:05 05:00 19h10m 1115Km
  K729/K732  FuYang (阜阳)
 DaTong (大同)
Fast train 10:06 05:29 19h45m 1305Km
  K8425  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
Fast train 10:12 13:05 2h53m 221Km
  K30/K31  FuYang (阜阳)
 LuoYang (洛阳)
Fast train 10:16 17:37 7h34m 505Km
  K1395/K1398  FuYang (阜阳)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 10:20 05:30 19h32m 1115Km
  T7788  FuYang (阜阳)
 BoZhou (亳州)
特快 10:24 11:20 1h2m 104Km
  K4159  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
Fast train 10:42 14:00 3h38m 695Km
  Z384/Z385  FuYang (阜阳)
 SanYa (三亚)
新空直达 11:00 20:00 33h18m 2786Km
  K1438  FuYang (阜阳)
 LeiHe (漯河)
Fast train 11:06 14:48 4h5m 211Km
  K8422  FuYang (阜阳)
 HuaiBei (淮北)
Fast train 11:23 13:36 2h29m 161Km
  K1282/K1283  FuYang (阜阳)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 11:30 19:03 7h45m 553Km
  K8385  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 11:38 22:21 11h8m 697Km
  Z181/Z184  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
新空直达 11:44 05:00 17h39m 1509Km
  Z186/Z187  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenYangBei (沈阳北)
新空直达 11:50 05:30 18h3m 1635Km
  Z185/Z188  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
新空直达 11:54 04:28 16h59m 1524Km
  T180  FuYang (阜阳)
 JiNan (济南)
特快 12:05 18:47 7h2m 568Km
  K132/K133  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhenXi (深圳西)
Fast train 12:07 09:15 21h19m 1208Km
  K2385/K2388  FuYang (阜阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 12:15 17:12 29h24m 1872Km
  K1505  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 12:19 22:35 10h29m 697Km
  K741/K744  FuYang (阜阳)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 12:27 17:13 4h54m 381Km
  K8401  FuYang (阜阳)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 12:29 10:30 22h17m 1316Km
  K8412/K8413  FuYang (阜阳)
 LianYunGangDong (连云港东)
Fast train 12:34 19:55 7h36m 129Km
  K8411/K8414  FuYang (阜阳)
 WuHu (芜湖)
Fast train 12:38 18:05 5h40m 362Km
  K8365  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 13:05 22:41 9h36m 697Km
  T7787  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
特快 16:23 18:53 2h36m 221Km
  K1065/K1068  FuYang (阜阳)
 WeiHai (威海)
Fast train 16:51 08:01 15h23m 927Km
  K8429  FuYang (阜阳)
 HeFei (合肥)
Fast train 16:55 19:39 2h44m 221Km
  Z383/Z386  FuYang (阜阳)
 ChangChun (长春)
新空直达 16:58 11:43 19h16m 1839Km
  K8421  FuYang (阜阳)
 WuHu (芜湖)
Fast train 17:07 22:10 5h20m 362Km
  K8416  FuYang (阜阳)
 BoZhou (亳州)
Fast train 17:25 18:33 1h17m 104Km
  K8361/K8364  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 17:28 05:43 12h15m 729Km
  K302  FuYang (阜阳)
 XuZhou (徐州)
Fast train 17:33 21:02 3h45m 223Km
  K742/K743  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiaMen (厦门)
Fast train 17:35 12:29 19h2m 1318Km
  K1237/K1240  FuYang (阜阳)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 17:36 11:58 18h38m 1115Km
  K8499  FuYang (阜阳)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 17:45 05:45 12h0m 837Km
  K1281/K1284  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 17:57 13:23 19h39m 1509Km
  K4160  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 18:07 05:01 11h9m 855Km
  K1135/K1138  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDao (青岛)
Fast train 18:14 06:41 12h37m 953Km
  K1050/K1051  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDaoBei (青岛北)
Fast train 18:28 06:12 12h1m 713Km
  T182/T183  FuYang (阜阳)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
特快 18:55 18:23 23h41m 2107Km
  K301/K304  FuYang (阜阳)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 18:55 15:05 20h33m 1628Km
  K1046/K1047  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 19:16 05:15 10h31m 760Km
  K876/K877  FuYang (阜阳)
 YanTai (烟台)
Fast train 19:30 08:57 13h55m 1077Km
  K1437  FuYang (阜阳)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 20:04 09:05 13h16m 837Km
  K67/K70  FuYang (阜阳)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 20:14 09:38 13h41m 1153Km
  Z101/Z104  FuYang (阜阳)
 ChangChun (长春)
新空直达 20:21 12:12 16h11m 1839Km
  K29/K32  FuYang (阜阳)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 20:28 13:28 17h15m 1096Km
  K8563  FuYang (阜阳)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 20:33 07:28 11h6m 849Km
  K8481/K8484  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 20:50 06:41 9h51m 760Km
  K148  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 21:06 08:33 11h27m 855Km
  K1264  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShiJiaZhuang (石家庄)
Fast train 21:13 06:58 10h3m 749Km
  Z58/Z59  FuYang (阜阳)
 FuZhou (福州)
新空直达 21:36 10:57 13h27m 1224Km
  K342/K343  FuYang (阜阳)
 QingDao (青岛)
Fast train 21:41 11:43 14h14m 961Km
  1151/1154  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiAn (西安)
Ordinary quick 22:08 10:42 12h54m 892Km
  K462/K463  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 22:31 10:20 12h9m 752Km
  Z112/Z113  FuYang (阜阳)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
新空直达 22:43 18:01 19h43m 2085Km
  K461/K464  FuYang (阜阳)
 PingDingShan (平顶山)
Fast train 22:50 05:01 6h32m 281Km
  K1071  FuYang (阜阳)
 AnQing (安庆)
Fast train 22:57 06:18 7h41m 417Km
  Z72  FuYang (阜阳)
 BeiJing (北京)
新空直达 23:05 06:28 7h29m 865Km
  K1453  FuYang (阜阳)
 GanZhou (赣州)
Fast train 23:07 11:40 12h46m 1006Km
  Z307  FuYang (阜阳)
 XiaMen (厦门)
新空直达 23:14 10:49 11h41m 1320Km
  T325/T328  FuYang (阜阳)
 NingBo (宁波)
特快 23:16 11:47 12h46m 709Km
  K1624/K1625  FuYang (阜阳)
 LianYunGangDong (连云港东)
Fast train 23:27 06:37 7h25m 433Km
  Z146/Z147  FuYang (阜阳)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
新空直达 23:34 15:07 15h39m 1521Km
  K1623/K1626  FuYang (阜阳)
 HanKou (汉口)
Fast train 23:42 05:10 5h49m 341Km
  K1049/K1052  FuYang (阜阳)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 23:49 16:30 16h56m 1115Km
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