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 The fuzhou Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D6201  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 06:21 08:32 2h11m 276Km
  D6571/D6574  FuZhou (福州)
 GanZhou (赣州)
EMU 06:50 11:54 5h4m 672Km
  G302  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 07:04 16:18 9h14m 1808Km
  D6403/D6406  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 07:12 10:32 3h20m 401Km
  G354  FuZhou (福州)
 HuangShanBei (黄山北)
High speed Train 07:17 10:01 2h44m 502Km
  D6207  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 07:25 09:32 2h7m 276Km
  D6405/D6408  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 07:32 10:50 3h18m 401Km
  D3102  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 07:40 14:14 6h34m 891Km
  D3266  FuZhou (福州)
 WuHan (武汉)
EMU 07:44 14:28 6h44m 1251Km
  K666/K667  FuZhou (福州)
 ShenYangBei (沈阳北)
Fast train 07:50 22:21 38h31m 2775Km
  G56  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 07:54 18:46 10h52m 2011Km
  D2601/D2604  FuZhou (福州)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
EMU 07:58 13:45 5h47m 889Km
  G1632  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 08:00 12:35 4h35m 840Km
  G1902/G1903  FuZhou (福州)
 XiAnBei (西安北)
High speed Train 08:13 18:45 10h32m 1999Km
  D6409/D6412  FuZhou (福州)
 ChangTingNan (长汀南)
EMU 08:19 12:19 4h0m 512Km
  D6502  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 08:29 12:22 3h53m 547Km
  D6336  FuZhou (福州)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 08:34 10:09 1h35m 208Km
  D2226/D2227  FuZhou (福州)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
EMU 08:37 22:45 14h8m 1772Km
  T306/T307  FuZhou (福州)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
Air express 08:37 09:05 48h28m 4334Km
  G1695/G1698  FuZhou (福州)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
High speed Train 08:42 19:28 10h46m 2092Km
  D6217  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 08:51 11:07 2h16m 276Km
  G8998  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangRao (上饶)
High speed Train 08:54 10:41 1h51m 340Km
  G1634  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 09:01 13:37 4h36m 840Km
  D6213  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 09:03 10:55 1h52m 245Km
  G322  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
High speed Train 09:14 18:26 9h16m 1808Km
  D6407/D6410  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 09:25 12:19 2h54m 401Km
  G5302  FuZhou (福州)
 WuYiShanDong (武夷山东)
High speed Train 09:27 10:31 1h8m 25Km
  G242/G243  FuZhou (福州)
 QingDao (青岛)
High speed Train 09:34 20:24 10h55m 1727Km
  G330  FuZhou (福州)
 TianJinXi (天津西)
High speed Train 09:45 18:56 9h11m 1703Km
  G28  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
High speed Train 09:52 17:35 7h43m 1808Km
  G1652  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 09:59 14:37 4h52m 840Km
  D6219  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 10:07 12:23 2h16m 276Km
  G1680  FuZhou (福州)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
High speed Train 10:09 13:56 4h5m 681Km
  K475/K478  FuZhou (福州)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 10:15 13:19 27h4m 1823Km
  G1672  FuZhou (福州)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
High speed Train 10:34 15:53 5h19m 937Km
  D4652/D4653  FuZhou (福州)
 NingBo (宁波)
EMU 10:37 14:36 4h4m 577Km
  K1268/K1269  FuZhou (福州)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 10:40 11:14 24h34m 1990Km
  D3302/D3303  FuZhou (福州)
 NingBo (宁波)
EMU 10:48 14:48 4h5m 588Km
  D296  FuZhou (福州)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
EMU 10:49 21:14 10h25m 1472Km
  G324  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 10:55 20:13 9h22m 1808Km
  D6221  FuZhou (福州)
 ZhangZhou (漳州)
EMU 11:01 13:14 2h13m 287Km
  G1685/G1688  FuZhou (福州)
 GuiYangBei (贵阳北)
High speed Train 11:22 20:29 9h19m 1558Km
  G5305/G5308  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 11:30 13:15 1h49m 245Km
  K526  FuZhou (福州)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 11:44 08:09 20h25m 1302Km
  G1681/G1684  FuZhou (福州)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
High speed Train 11:45 22:20 10h39m 2021Km
  G1651  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 11:46 13:31 1h52m 264Km
  K1316/K1317  FuZhou (福州)
 HuHeHaoTeDong (呼和浩特东)
Fast train 11:50 08:30 44h40m 3005Km
  G1611  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 11:59 13:43 1h49m 245Km
  D6223  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 12:10 14:27 2h17m 276Km
  G304  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 12:15 21:42 9h27m 1808Km
  D2331  FuZhou (福州)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 12:25 18:08 5h43m 759Km
  G1636  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 12:26 16:55 4h29m 840Km
  D6225  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 12:40 15:03 2h23m 276Km
  G1638  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 12:45 17:21 4h36m 840Km
  G1671  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 12:46 14:28 2h4m 245Km
  G356  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
High speed Train 12:52 22:19 9h31m 1737Km
  G1653  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 12:58 14:40 1h48m 245Km
  G1624  FuZhou (福州)
 HeFeiNan (合肥南)
High speed Train 13:00 17:32 4h32m 808Km
  D6504  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 13:11 16:58 3h47m 547Km
  D2352  FuZhou (福州)
 WuYiShanDong (武夷山东)
EMU 13:16 14:30 1h19m 225Km
  G1673  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
高速铁路 13:17 14:59 1h46m 245Km
  G1692  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 13:23 15:07 1h48m 245Km
  G1692/G1693  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 13:23 15:07 1h48m 254Km
  G5206/G5207  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
High speed Train 13:29 16:58 3h33m 281Km
  D6544  FuZhou (福州)
 SanMingBei (三明北)
EMU 13:34 14:50 1h16m 195Km
  G1661/G1664  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
High speed Train 13:40 17:04 3h30m 401Km
  D3307/D3310  FuZhou (福州)
 SanMingBei (三明北)
EMU 13:41 15:04 1h27m -10Km
  K389/K392  FuZhou (福州)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 13:48 04:39 38h51m 2359Km
  D6242  FuZhou (福州)
 WuYiShanDong (武夷山东)
EMU 13:53 15:07 1h19m 225Km
  G1655  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 14:07 15:44 1h48m 245Km
  D6506  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
EMU 14:07 17:41 3h34m 547Km
  G1601  FuZhou (福州)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
高速铁路 14:13 19:39 5h31m 759Km
  D6227  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 14:19 16:17 1h58m 276Km
  D6575/D6578  FuZhou (福州)
 GanZhou (赣州)
EMU 14:25 19:52 5h27m 672Km
  G1602  FuZhou (福州)
 HeFeiNan (合肥南)
高速铁路 14:35 18:45 4h15m 808Km
  D6508  FuZhou (福州)
 JiuJiang (九江)
EMU 14:40 19:39 4h59m 689Km
  D6340  FuZhou (福州)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 14:45 16:32 1h47m 208Km
  G1642  FuZhou (福州)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
High speed Train 14:45 18:32 3h47m 681Km
  D6231  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 14:52 16:54 2h2m 276Km
  G348  FuZhou (福州)
 JiNanXi (济南西)
High speed Train 14:52 22:32 7h40m 1402Km
  G1657  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 15:02 16:46 1h52m 245Km
  G1662/G1663  FuZhou (福州)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
High speed Train 15:09 20:38 5h34m 937Km
  K30/K31  FuZhou (福州)
 LuoYang (洛阳)
Fast train 15:14 17:37 26h23m 1729Km
  G1906/G1907  FuZhou (福州)
 ZhengZhouDong (郑州东)
High speed Train 15:22 23:07 7h45m 1476Km
  D6233  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 15:28 17:33 2h5m 276Km
  G1654  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 15:30 20:25 5h2m 840Km
  D3261/D3264  FuZhou (福州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 15:35 22:27 6h52m 922Km
  D6229  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 15:47 17:53 2h6m 276Km
  K68/K69  FuZhou (福州)
 QingDao (青岛)
Fast train 15:50 20:52 29h2m 2088Km
  G1656  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 15:56 20:38 4h46m 840Km
  G5306/G5307  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
High speed Train 16:03 19:32 3h34m 510Km
  D6241  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 16:11 18:01 2h1m 245Km
  D6415/D6418  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 16:33 19:38 3h5m 401Km
  K804/K805  FuZhou (福州)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 16:37 05:14 36h37m 2186Km
  G5205/G5208  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
High speed Train 16:42 18:58 2h23m 276Km
  G1676  FuZhou (福州)
 XuZhouDong (徐州东)
高速铁路 16:45 23:06 6h26m 1116Km
  D2353  FuZhou (福州)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 16:50 22:40 5h54m 759Km
  G1612  FuZhou (福州)
 HeFeiNan (合肥南)
High speed Train 16:52 21:21 4h33m 808Km
  Z57/Z60  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Direct express 16:57 13:05 20h8m 2067Km
  D3308/D3309  FuZhou (福州)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 17:04 22:09 5h10m 732Km
  G5254  FuZhou (福州)
 WuYiShanDong (武夷山东)
High speed Train 17:09 18:26 1h17m 225Km
  D6235  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 17:31 19:37 2h6m 276Km
  G1678  FuZhou (福州)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
High speed Train 17:32 22:37 5h9m 937Km
  G1691/G1694  FuZhou (福州)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
High speed Train 17:39 22:25 4h51m 923Km
  G1659  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 17:43 19:44 2h5m 245Km
  D6510  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 17:47 21:46 3h59m 547Km
  G1679  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
High speed Train 17:50 20:11 2h26m 276Km
  D6338  FuZhou (福州)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 17:56 19:44 1h48m 208Km
  G1640  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 17:56 22:43 4h47m 840Km
  G1658  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 18:07 22:47 4h44m 769Km
  K46  FuZhou (福州)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 18:12 05:07 34h55m 2331Km
  G355  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 18:16 20:07 1h58m 245Km
  D6417/D6420  FuZhou (福州)
 RuiJin (瑞金)
EMU 18:29 23:08 4h39m 546Km
  D6237  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 18:35 21:11 2h36m 276Km
  G1686/G1687  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 18:42 20:28 1h56m 233Km
  G1660  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
High speed Train 18:49 23:18 4h33m 840Km
  D6542  FuZhou (福州)
 SanMingBei (三明北)
EMU 18:51 20:07 1h16m 195Km
  G241/G244  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 19:00 20:57 2h4m 245Km
  D9603  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 19:06 21:45 2h39m 276Km
  D6512  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 19:10 22:50 3h40m 547Km
  D4651/D4654  FuZhou (福州)
 WuYiShanDong (武夷山东)
EMU 19:15 20:35 1h30m 225Km
  D3301/D3304  FuZhou (福州)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
EMU 19:20 23:00 3h45m 547Km
  G8904  FuZhou (福州)
 NanPingBei (南平北)
High speed Train 19:20 20:08 48m 121Km
  G1682/G1683  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 19:31 21:27 2h3m 245Km
  G323  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
高速铁路 19:37 21:47 2h17m 245Km
  G5106  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangRao (上饶)
High speed Train 19:45 21:48 2h3m 340Km
  D6419/D6422  FuZhou (福州)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 20:05 23:00 2h55m 401Km
  G5303  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMen (厦门)
High speed Train 20:18 22:28 2h25m 276Km
  D3110  FuZhou (福州)
 WenZhouNan (温州南)
EMU 20:24 22:37 2h13m 302Km
  D2304  FuZhou (福州)
 ShangRao (上饶)
EMU 20:56 23:18 2h27m 340Km
  G325  FuZhou (福州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
High speed Train 21:00 23:09 2h13m 245Km
  G8997  FuZhou (福州)
 PuTian (莆田)
High speed Train 21:41 22:43 1h6m 105Km
  K1546/K1547  FuZhou (福州)
 JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
Fast train 21:50 04:47 54h57m 3840Km
  D295/D298  FuZhou (福州)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 终点站 18:47 0m 0Km
  D295/D298  FuZhou (福州)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 终点站 18:47 0m 0Km
  D295/D298  FuZhou (福州)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 终点站 18:47 0m 0Km
  D295/D298  FuZhou (福州)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 终点站 18:47 0m 0Km
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