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 The ganqika Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K498  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 01:35 12:42 11h10m -10Km
  K47/K50  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 01:53 09:10 31h19m 2278Km
  K7527/K7530  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 HuoLinGuoLe (霍林郭勒)
Fast train 04:02 09:36 5h37m 480Km
  K1565/K1568  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BaoTou (包头)
Fast train 05:03 00:45 19h45m 1396Km
  G8148  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 DalianBei (大连北)
高速铁路 06:50 09:45 2h57m 558Km
  K1260  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 JinZhou (锦州)
Fast train 07:24 11:56 4h35m 300Km
  K7340  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShanHaiGuan (山海关)
Fast train 07:52 14:00 6h10m 470Km
  C1101/C1104  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
城际列车 07:58 09:11 1h15m 180Km
  4367/4370  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 KuLun (库伦)
Ordinary quick 07:58 08:55 1h20m 57Km
  C1102/C1103  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 08:37 09:01 26m 76Km
  C1103/C1102  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 08:37 09:01 26m 76Km
  K1566/K1567  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 10:17 19:48 9h35m 637Km
  C1106/C1107  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 10:40 11:05 27m 76Km
  4373/4372  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
Ordinary quick 10:48 11:46 1h28m 76Km
  T301/T304  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ChangChun (长春)
特快 10:49 17:39 6h54m 531Km
  K1532/K1533  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 WuLanHaoTe (乌兰浩特)
Fast train 11:02 16:58 6h0m 429Km
  K4409  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BaiCheng (白城)
Fast train 11:30 15:55 4h28m 346Km
  C1109/C1112  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYangNan (沈阳南)
城际列车 12:11 13:33 1h24m 195Km
  K4410  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 12:23 00:25 12h5m 780Km
  C1110/C1111  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 12:53 13:17 26m 76Km
  4310  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShangHai (上海)
Ordinary quick 13:36 18:26 28h53m 2109Km
  C1126/C1127  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 15:08 15:33 27m 76Km
  T3017/T3016  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
特快 15:35 01:50 10h17m 676Km
  C1114/C1115  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 15:36 16:01 27m 76Km
  K1517/K1520  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 XiNing (西宁)
Fast train 16:00 08:10 40h13m 2641Km
  C1125/C1128  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BenXi (本溪)
城际列车 16:19 18:14 1h57m 256Km
  K956/K957  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 BaiCheng (白城)
Fast train 16:31 21:20 4h51m 346Km
  G9162/G9163  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
高速铁路 16:41 17:05 26m 76Km
  K1259  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 16:45 10:26 17h44m 1258Km
  C1117/C1120  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
城际列车 16:50 18:03 1h15m 180Km
  C1118/C1119  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 17:03 17:28 27m 76Km
  T302/T303  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
特快 17:06 18:37 49h34m 4079Km
  T303/T302  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
特快 17:06 18:37 49h34m 4079Km
  K955/K958  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 QingDaoBei (青岛北)
Fast train 17:34 16:01 22h29m 1927Km
  4371/4374  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 KuLun (库伦)
Ordinary quick 17:36 18:33 1h21m 57Km
  G9161/G9164  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYangNan (沈阳南)
高速铁路 17:52 19:14 1h24m 195Km
  G9164  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYangNan (沈阳南)
高速铁路 17:52 19:14 1h24m 195Km
  C1121/C1124  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYangNan (沈阳南)
城际列车 18:44 20:07 1h25m 195Km
  C1122/C1123  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 19:44 20:09 27m 76Km
  4368/4369  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
Ordinary quick 20:20 21:18 1h21m 76Km
  C1138/C1139  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
城际列车 20:27 20:51 26m 76Km
  K7339  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
Fast train 20:47 21:45 1h0m 76Km
  K7528  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 20:49 05:32 8h45m 637Km
  G8147/G8146  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
高速铁路 20:53 21:18 27m 76Km
  G8146/G8147  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 TongLiao (通辽)
高速铁路 20:53 21:18 27m 76Km
  C1137/C1140  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 ShenYangNan (沈阳南)
城际列车 21:56 23:19 1h25m 195Km
  K48/K49  GanQiKa (甘旗卡)
 QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
Fast train 23:09 08:00 8h53m 615Km
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