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 The gaolan Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K9663  GaoLan (皋兰)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Fast train 08:10 09:19 1h11m 156Km
  7510  GaoLan (皋兰)
 GanTang (干塘)
Ordinary quick 09:18 14:47 5h39m 184Km
  K9671/K9674  GaoLan (皋兰)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Fast train 10:33 11:57 1h27m 50Km
  K9673/K9672  GaoLan (皋兰)
 ChangZheng (长征)
Fast train 17:57 21:00 3h6m -297Km
  K9664  GaoLan (皋兰)
 ChangQingQiao (长庆桥)
Fast train 21:00 08:34 11h38m 670Km
  K196/K197  GaoLan (皋兰)
 HuHeHaoTeDong (呼和浩特东)
Fast train 21:14 14:06 16h55m 1036Km
  7509  GaoLan (皋兰)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Ordinary quick 21:43 23:30 1h49m 50Km
  K816  GaoLan (皋兰)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 23:46 07:10 7h27m 418Km
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