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 The huangshi Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K1315/K1318  HuangShi (黄石)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 04:32 16:28 11h59m 804Km
  T167  HuangShi (黄石)
 NanChang (南昌)
特快 04:43 07:08 2h28m 250Km
  Z26/Z27  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuChang (武昌)
新空直达 05:17 06:35 1h20m 117Km
  Z32/Z33  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuChang (武昌)
新空直达 05:25 07:37 2h14m 75Km
  Z46/Z47  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuChang (武昌)
新空直达 05:35 06:48 1h15m 117Km
  K1656/K1657  HuangShi (黄石)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 05:50 12:04 6h17m 440Km
  K351/K354  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 06:31 06:38 24h11m 1450Km
  K1255/K1258  HuangShi (黄石)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 06:40 23:17 16h42m 962Km
  K1091/K1094  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 06:52 21:27 14h38m 1165Km
  K421/K424  HuangShi (黄石)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 08:32 22:27 14h2m 1023Km
  K805/K804  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChongQingXi (重庆西)
Fast train 08:53 05:06 20h16m 1312Km
  K797/K800  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuChang (武昌)
Fast train 09:08 10:32 1h27m 112Km
  K1256/K1257  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
Fast train 09:20 07:39 22h23m 1376Km
  K902/K903  HuangShi (黄石)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
Fast train 09:42 22:51 13h13m 1089Km
  K390/K391  HuangShi (黄石)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 09:58 23:22 13h28m 797Km
  K4478  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuChang (武昌)
Fast train 09:59 12:16 2h25m 105Km
  T305/T308  HuangShi (黄石)
 FuZhou (福州)
特快 11:07 19:47 8h43m 793Km
  K1655/K1658  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 12:49 05:20 16h35m 1165Km
  K1275/K1278  HuangShi (黄石)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 13:14 16:52 3h48m 250Km
  K798/K799  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShanTou (汕头)
Fast train 13:25 07:51 18h29m 1205Km
  K1276/K1277  HuangShi (黄石)
 BaoTou (包头)
Fast train 13:43 20:40 31h1m 2118Km
  T126/T127  HuangShi (黄石)
 DongGuanDong (东莞东)
特快 17:00 05:18 12h21m 1119Km
  T306/T307  HuangShi (黄石)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
特快 17:27 09:46 40h23m 3467Km
  K1585/K1588  HuangShi (黄石)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 17:41 08:40 15h8m 969Km
  K1269/K1268  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChongQingXi (重庆西)
Fast train 19:17 12:51 17h37m 1173Km
  K1125/K1128  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 19:40 07:58 12h22m 927Km
  K121/K124  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 19:55 11:40 15h49m 1079Km
  K4477  HuangShi (黄石)
 DongGuanDong (东莞东)
Fast train 20:21 15:50 19h39m 1124Km
  K901/K904  HuangShi (黄石)
 TaiYuan (太原)
Fast train 20:42 19:08 22h30m 1350Km
  K422/K423  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 20:57 16:43 19h51m 1450Km
  K423/K422  HuangShi (黄石)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 20:57 16:43 19h51m 1450Km
  K353/K352  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 21:01 12:35 15h42m 1067Km
  K1316/K1317  HuangShi (黄石)
 HuHeHaoTeDong (呼和浩特东)
Fast train 21:51 06:49 33h2m 2201Km
  T168  HuangShi (黄石)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
特快 22:02 13:05 15h5m 1330Km
  Z25/Z28  HuangShi (黄石)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
新空直达 23:15 08:11 9h6m 1079Km
  Z31/Z34  HuangShi (黄石)
 NingBo (宁波)
新空直达 23:28 08:37 9h12m 1035Km
  Z45/Z48  HuangShi (黄石)
 HangZhou (杭州)
新空直达 23:46 06:59 7h16m 906Km
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