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 The jiamusi Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K7263  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 FuYuan (抚远)
Fast train 00:13 07:28 7h37m 463Km
  K7066  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
Fast train 00:17 06:53 6h56m 510Km
  K7201  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 TongJiang (同江)
Fast train 03:35 07:03 3h34m 242Km
  K7021  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 03:49 05:09 1h29m 79Km
  K7205  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 BaoQing (宝清)
Fast train 04:00 07:36 3h47m 182Km
  6216  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HuaNan (桦南)
Ordinary quick 04:50 06:08 1h18m 76Km
  K7253  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeGang (鹤岗)
Fast train 05:05 06:16 1h11m 68Km
  K7113  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 TongJiang (同江)
Fast train 05:13 09:23 4h10m 248Km
  D7812  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 05:15 07:46 2h31m 350Km
  K7087  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 06:05 07:52 1h47m 79Km
  D7814  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 06:10 08:36 2h26m 343Km
  K7266  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 MuDanJiang (牡丹江)
Fast train 06:51 13:08 6h17m 332Km
  D7802  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 07:20 09:18 1h58m 343Km
  K7061/K7064  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
Fast train 07:50 19:25 11h55m 824Km
  K7165  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeGang (鹤岗)
Fast train 08:02 09:38 1h36m 68Km
  K7097  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 08:44 10:03 1h19m 79Km
  4135  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 QianJinZhen (前进镇)
Ordinary quick 08:57 13:39 4h42m 294Km
  K7132  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 09:23 16:28 7h5m 507Km
  D7816  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 09:55 12:11 2h16m 343Km
  K350  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 10:05 13:00 26h55m 1915Km
  K5147  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 BaoQing (宝清)
Fast train 10:15 14:05 3h50m 182Km
  D7818  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 10:30 12:45 2h15m 343Km
  K340  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 10:35 09:58 23h23m 1756Km
  K1009  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeGang (鹤岗)
Fast train 10:43 11:54 1h38m 68Km
  D7820  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 10:55 13:20 2h25m 343Km
  K7281/K7284  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeBei (鹤北)
Fast train 11:23 13:44 2h43m 112Km
  6272/6273  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 WuYiLing (乌伊岭)
Ordinary quick 11:32 21:22 9h50m 410Km
  K930  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 12:02 09:16 21h14m 1453Km
  K7187  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 12:03 13:49 1h46m 79Km
  D7822  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 12:10 14:35 2h25m 343Km
  4174  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 WuLin (五林)
Ordinary quick 12:32 19:10 6h38m 295Km
  4174  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 MuDanJiang (牡丹江)
Ordinary quick 12:32 19:46 7h14m 332Km
  K7115  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 TongJiang (同江)
Fast train 12:40 16:27 3h47m 248Km
  K266  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 12:46 12:53 24h7m 1756Km
  D7824  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 13:15 15:40 2h25m 343Km
  K7131  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 13:51 15:21 1h40m 79Km
  K7282/K7283  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 QiTaiHe (七台河)
Fast train 14:02 18:32 5h0m 172Km
  D7804  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 14:40 16:38 1h58m 343Km
  K7238  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HuaNan (桦南)
Fast train 14:47 16:01 1h14m 76Km
  K7117  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 TongJiang (同江)
Fast train 14:58 19:32 26h15m 248Km
  4171  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeBei (鹤北)
Ordinary quick 15:00 17:50 3h19m 112Km
  D7826  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 15:15 17:51 2h36m 350Km
  K890  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 PanJin (盘锦)
Fast train 15:35 08:46 17h11m 1258Km
  D7828  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 16:08 18:46 2h38m 350Km
  4133  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 QianJinZhen (前进镇)
Ordinary quick 16:09 20:49 4h40m 294Km
  K1010  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 DalianBei (大连北)
Fast train 16:36 12:52 20h35m 1448Km
  K7119  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HeBei (鹤北)
Fast train 16:45 19:15 2h30m 112Km
  D7830  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 16:55 19:20 2h25m 343Km
  K7258  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HuaNan (桦南)
Fast train 17:10 18:22 1h12m 76Km
  D7806  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 17:40 19:51 2h11m 350Km
  K1228  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
Fast train 18:40 09:24 14h44m 1056Km
  K490  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 TianJin (天津)
Fast train 19:05 19:26 24h21m 1778Km
  K1391/K1394  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 YanTai (烟台)
Fast train 19:23 09:43 38h20m 2664Km
  K7062/K7063  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 ShuangYaShan (双鸭山)
Fast train 20:19 21:39 1h31m 79Km
  4172  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 WuLin (五林)
Ordinary quick 21:37 04:30 7h28m 222Km
  4172  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 DongJingCheng (东京城)
Ordinary quick 21:37 06:52 9h50m 402Km
  K7264  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
Fast train 22:30 05:01 6h53m 510Km
  K7206  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
Fast train 23:16 05:11 6h14m 516Km
  K7022  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
Fast train 23:44 06:08 6h44m 510Km
  K7202  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 HarbinDong (哈尔滨东)
Fast train 23:56 07:42 8h4m 510Km
  K7065  JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
 FuYuan (抚远)
Fast train 23:59 06:28 6h47m 627Km
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