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 The kunming Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K9618  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
Fast train 05:15 08:20 3h21m 258Km
  K432/K433  KunMing (昆明)
 YuXi (玉溪)
Fast train 05:39 06:56 1h48m 104Km
  K876/K877  KunMing (昆明)
 YanTai (烟台)
Fast train 07:05 08:59 49h54m 3573Km
  6162  KunMing (昆明)
 PanZhiHua (攀枝花)
Ordinary quick 07:10 14:40 7h30m 351Km
  D8620  KunMing (昆明)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 07:20 07:42 22m 28Km
  7452/7453  KunMing (昆明)
 HongGuo (红果)
Ordinary quick 07:30 18:31 11h1m 376Km
  6062  KunMing (昆明)
 HongGuo (红果)
Ordinary quick 07:45 14:14 6h29m 261Km
  K9812/K9813  KunMing (昆明)
 MengZi (蒙自)
Fast train 07:51 11:49 3h58m 278Km
  K366/K363  KunMing (昆明)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 08:00 08:40 24h40m 1626Km
  Z54  KunMing (昆明)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 08:08 17:32 33h24m 3174Km
  Z8304  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 08:15 09:32 1h17m 157Km
  D8604/D8601  KunMing (昆明)
 YuXi (玉溪)
EMU 08:39 09:36 57m 107Km
  T9024  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
特快 08:45 11:17 2h32m 258Km
  K1206/K1207  KunMing (昆明)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 08:53 13:48 28h55m 1797Km
  K114  KunMing (昆明)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 09:00 04:03 19h3m 1100Km
  K6112  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
Fast train 09:03 11:46 2h43m 258Km
  Z8602/Z8603  KunMing (昆明)
 ChuXiongNan (楚雄南)
新空直达 09:20 10:49 1h29m 183Km
  K9612/K9613  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 09:44 17:47 8h3m 517Km
  Z8306  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 09:45 10:58 1h13m 157Km
  K1140  KunMing (昆明)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 09:52 08:24 22h32m 1133Km
  K1610  KunMing (昆明)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 10:00 14:17 28h17m 1846Km
  K854  KunMing (昆明)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 10:16 05:26 19h10m 1133Km
  K9642/K9643  KunMing (昆明)
 DaLi (大理)
Fast train 10:25 16:58 6h33m 358Km
  K9610  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
Fast train 10:34 13:55 3h21m 258Km
  Z288/Z289  KunMing (昆明)
 NingBo (宁波)
新空直达 10:45 15:49 29h4m 2616Km
  K984/K981  KunMing (昆明)
 ZhanJiang (湛江)
Fast train 10:55 05:50 18h55m 1255Km
  K9832/K9833  KunMing (昆明)
 HeKouBei (河口北)
Fast train 11:06 16:29 5h23m 400Km
  Z8308  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 11:20 12:33 1h13m 157Km
  K4692/K4693  KunMing (昆明)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
Fast train 11:41 12:34 48h53m 3053Km
  K4693/K4692  KunMing (昆明)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
Fast train 11:41 12:34 48h53m 3053Km
  K9682/K9683  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 11:45 19:21 7h36m 517Km
  D9134  KunMing (昆明)
 FuNing (富宁)
EMU 12:00 14:55 2h55m 394Km
  K6148  KunMing (昆明)
 LuoPing (罗平)
Fast train 12:10 15:36 3h26m 235Km
  K9826/K9827  KunMing (昆明)
 HeKouBei (河口北)
Fast train 12:30 18:52 6h22m 400Km
  K492  KunMing (昆明)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 12:38 07:38 43h0m 2990Km
  K1236  KunMing (昆明)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 12:49 17:04 28h15m 2037Km
  K6116  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
Fast train 12:55 15:55 3h0m 258Km
  Z8310  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 13:15 14:28 1h13m 157Km
  K9862  KunMing (昆明)
 HongGuo (红果)
Fast train 13:27 16:48 3h21m 261Km
  K4626/K4627  KunMing (昆明)
 GuangZhouDong (广州东)
Fast train 14:23 00:29 34h6m 1645Km
  K9822/K9823  KunMing (昆明)
 HeKouBei (河口北)
Fast train 16:08 21:56 5h48m 400Km
  Z8312  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 16:30 17:43 1h13m 157Km
  T9028  KunMing (昆明)
 XuanWei (宣威)
特快 16:45 19:35 2h50m 258Km
  K229/K232  KunMing (昆明)
 XiaMen (厦门)
Fast train 16:52 08:58 40h6m 2436Km
  D8605  KunMing (昆明)
 YuXi (玉溪)
EMU 17:15 18:11 56m 107Km
  D9104  KunMing (昆明)
 FuNing (富宁)
EMU 17:15 20:12 2h57m 394Km
  D8608  KunMing (昆明)
 YuXi (玉溪)
EMU 17:15 18:11 56m 107Km
  K4746/K4747  KunMing (昆明)
 ChongQing (重庆)
Fast train 17:29 21:11 27h42m 1237Km
  K9866  KunMing (昆明)
 YuXi (玉溪)
Fast train 17:30 18:46 1h16m 104Km
  Z8316  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 17:50 19:03 1h13m 157Km
  D8622  KunMing (昆明)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 18:20 18:42 22m 28Km
  K146  KunMing (昆明)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 18:22 13:24 19h2m 1100Km
  K2286/K2287  KunMing (昆明)
 ChangChun (长春)
Fast train 18:28 06:11 59h43m 4049Km
  K724/K721  KunMing (昆明)
 NanTong (南通)
Fast train 18:54 11:15 40h21m 2771Km
  D9128  KunMing (昆明)
 MiLe (弥勒)
EMU 19:00 20:07 1h7m 120Km
  D9144  KunMing (昆明)
 MiLe (弥勒)
EMU 19:00 20:07 1h7m 120Km
  K986/K987  KunMing (昆明)
 XiNing (西宁)
Fast train 19:05 06:59 35h54m 2144Km
  K80  KunMing (昆明)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 19:10 05:16 34h6m 2660Km
  K156  KunMing (昆明)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 19:17 09:48 38h31m 2683Km
  K474  KunMing (昆明)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 19:38 14:55 43h17m 2987Km
  K166  KunMing (昆明)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 19:40 06:30 34h50m 1942Km
  K338  KunMing (昆明)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 19:45 05:09 33h24m 2485Km
  K726/K727  KunMing (昆明)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 19:52 14:56 67h4m 4598Km
  D8612  KunMing (昆明)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 20:00 20:22 22m 28Km
  Z8318  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 20:10 21:23 1h13m 157Km
  K1502/K1503  KunMing (昆明)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
Fast train 20:18 18:06 45h48m 4216Km
  Z8322  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 20:44 22:01 1h17m 157Km
  K9606/K9607  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 21:04 06:05 9h1m 517Km
  Z162  KunMing (昆明)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 21:05 06:52 33h47m 3174Km
  T382  KunMing (昆明)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
特快 21:15 11:34 38h19m 2868Km
  K9686/K9687  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 21:28 06:43 9h15m 517Km
  D8614  KunMing (昆明)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 21:30 21:52 22m 28Km
  K9617/K9616  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 21:48 07:10 9h37m 517Km
  Z8320  KunMing (昆明)
 QuJing (曲靖)
新空直达 21:49 23:02 1h13m 157Km
  D8616  KunMing (昆明)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
EMU 21:55 22:17 22m 28Km
  K9602/K9603  KunMing (昆明)
 LiJiang (丽江)
Fast train 22:23 08:35 10h12m 517Km
  K434  KunMing (昆明)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
Fast train 22:30 22:03 48h5m 3174Km
  K9816/K9817  KunMing (昆明)
 HeKouBei (河口北)
Fast train 22:55 06:05 7h10m 400Km
  K740  KunMing (昆明)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 23:35 14:33 38h58m 2660Km
  K9692/K9693/K9694  KunMing (昆明)
 DaLi (大理)
Fast train 23:40 07:10 8h39m 358Km
  K4418  KunMing (昆明)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 23:55 21:38 45h43m 2660Km
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