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 The liuhe2 Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K7377  LiuHe (柳河)
 LongJing (龙井)
Fast train 00:03 10:22 10h21m 528Km
  K7391/K7394  LiuHe (柳河)
 JiLin (吉林)
Fast train 01:06 08:53 7h52m 431Km
  K7378  LiuHe (柳河)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
Fast train 03:06 08:25 5h23m 261Km
  K7392/K7393  LiuHe (柳河)
 TongHua (通化)
Fast train 03:36 05:12 0m 97Km
  K429  LiuHe (柳河)
 TongHua (通化)
Fast train 04:13 05:55 1h45m 85Km
  K7385  LiuHe (柳河)
 TongHua (通化)
Fast train 05:03 07:02 2h2m 194Km
  K7398  LiuHe (柳河)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
Fast train 07:15 12:19 5h7m 279Km
  K970/K971  LiuHe (柳河)
 TongHua (通化)
Fast train 09:21 11:13 1h54m 110Km
  K7397  LiuHe (柳河)
 BaiHe (白河)
Fast train 14:06 22:29 8h27m 374Km
  K969/K972  LiuHe (柳河)
 QingDaoBei (青岛北)
Fast train 17:14 16:41 23h31m 1736Km
  K7577  LiuHe (柳河)
 TongHua (通化)
Fast train 18:43 20:49 2h9m 97Km
  K430  LiuHe (柳河)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 19:13 10:27 15h17m 1076Km
  K7386  LiuHe (柳河)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 20:43 08:33 11h53m 773Km
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