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 The maanshan Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K553/K552  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 MuDanJiang (牡丹江)
Fast train 00:39 13:51 37h17m 2692Km
  K905/K908  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 03:22 08:26 5h7m 351Km
  K345/K348  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ShenYangBei (沈阳北)
Fast train 06:09 08:10 26h5m 1887Km
  T152/T153  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 TaiZhou (泰州)
特快 07:38 10:56 3h28m 243Km
  T153/T152  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 TaiZhou (泰州)
特快 07:38 10:56 3h28m 243Km
  K1155/K1158  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 08:31 14:40 6h13m 269Km
  K156  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 08:48 09:48 1h5m 78Km
  3258/3255  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ShangHai (上海)
Ordinary quick 09:03 15:52 6h52m 379Km
  3556/3557  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 XinYang (信阳)
Ordinary quick 11:24 20:03 8h43m 581Km
  K34/K35  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 SuZhou (苏州)
Fast train 12:51 17:02 4h14m 295Km
  K162  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 XuZhou (徐州)
Fast train 13:06 19:08 6h6m 426Km
  K46  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 13:52 05:09 12h24m 1240Km
  K101  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 15:17 05:49 14h37m 783Km
  T236/T237  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ChongQingXi (重庆西)
特快 15:32 14:11 22h44m 1656Km
  K1557/K1556  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 15:49 16:38 24h55m 1762Km
  K1156/K1157  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 16:45 17:01 24h20m 1684Km
  K1192  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 17:06 18:30 1h28m 58Km
  K155  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 17:50 07:03 37h19m 2605Km
  3216/3217  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ChengDu (成都)
Ordinary quick 18:41 00:28 29h51m 1788Km
  K782/K783  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 PingXiang (萍乡)
Fast train 18:55 10:09 15h17m 793Km
  T151/T154  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 GuangZhou (广州)
特快 19:12 16:57 21h53m 1725Km
  K551/K554  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 21:17 10:50 13h39m 788Km
  K346/K347  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 21:33 11:40 14h13m 800Km
  K33/K36  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ShenZhen (深圳)
Fast train 22:15 22:19 0m 1629Km
  K722/K723  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 23:12 09:07 33h58m 2409Km
  K1555/K1558  MaAnShan (马鞍山)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 23:59 05:23 5h28m 403Km
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