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 The pingxiang Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K4236  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 00:35 13:22 12h54m 871Km
  K759  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HengYang (衡阳)
Fast train 01:11 05:00 4h5m 215Km
  K942/K943  PingXiang (萍乡)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 01:41 14:27 12h51m 946Km
  K4341  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HuaiHua (怀化)
Fast train 02:20 10:35 8h26m 521Km
  K4235  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 03:06 22:08 19h16m 1027Km
  T82/T79  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
特快 03:12 13:27 10h20m 1044Km
  K1556/K1557  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 03:16 16:32 13h19m 969Km
  T172  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
特快 03:45 06:52 3h13m 286Km
  K491  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 04:29 04:16 23h58m 1616Km
  K1373/K1376  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HuaiHua (怀化)
Fast train 05:03 17:10 12h11m 757Km
  K1192  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 05:08 18:29 13h27m 851Km
  K301/K304  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 05:18 15:05 9h51m 736Km
  K1524  PingXiang (萍乡)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 05:23 10:36 5h19m 421Km
  K476/K477  PingXiang (萍乡)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 05:33 21:03 15h34m 845Km
  K302  PingXiang (萍乡)
 XuZhou (徐州)
Fast train 05:49 21:02 15h19m 1103Km
  K876/K877  PingXiang (萍乡)
 YanTai (烟台)
Fast train 06:03 08:59 27h2m 1957Km
  K328/K325  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 06:06 16:18 10h24m 736Km
  Z290/Z287  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
新空直达 06:19 04:08 21h53m 1616Km
  K4335/K4334  PingXiang (萍乡)
 XiaMen (厦门)
Fast train 06:35 20:48 14h24m 1082Km
  K8732  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 06:55 10:24 3h29m 286Km
  T145/T148  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
特快 07:22 10:34 3h18m 286Km
  K79  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 07:25 06:09 22h48m 1616Km
  K495  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 07:36 22:37 15h5m 978Km
  K155  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 08:02 07:09 23h10m 1616Km
  K511  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HaiKou (海口)
Fast train 08:15 06:05 21h54m 1496Km
  T151/T154  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuangZhou (广州)
特快 08:26 17:00 8h38m 736Km
  K807/K810  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HuaiHua (怀化)
Fast train 08:39 21:17 12h44m 758Km
  K527  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 08:59 18:43 9h48m 736Km
  K1191  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 09:10 23:40 14h34m 969Km
  K739  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 09:23 08:17 23h0m 1616Km
  K4336/K4333  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 09:40 05:33 19h57m -1082Km
  K722/K723  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 10:00 09:37 23h41m 1616Km
  K4390/K4387  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChongQing (重庆)
Fast train 11:02 08:36 21h41m 2018Km
  K8712  PingXiang (萍乡)
 YingTan (鹰潭)
Fast train 11:19 16:38 5h19m 371Km
  K8728  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 11:25 15:11 3h46m 286Km
  K945/K948  PingXiang (萍乡)
 XiaMen (厦门)
Fast train 11:31 07:30 20h2m 1065Km
  K834  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 11:37 23:37 12h3m 1044Km
  K4249  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 11:40 02:14 14h41m 978Km
  K1236  PingXiang (萍乡)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 11:50 17:04 5h20m 421Km
  K492  PingXiang (萍乡)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 12:10 07:38 19h34m 1374Km
  K4197  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 12:16 04:07 15h57m 978Km
  K1558/K1555  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 12:20 06:13 18h1m 1172Km
  K4417  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 12:29 15:55 27h32m -1044Km
  K846/K847  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 13:04 05:11 16h13m 1000Km
  K4085/K4088  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 13:53 12:37 22h50m 1123Km
  K946/K947  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 14:02 05:13 15h15m 978Km
  K728/K725  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 14:13 13:38 23h29m 1616Km
  K784/K781  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 14:50 11:03 20h13m 1172Km
  K788/K785  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 15:19 19:18 4h5m 286Km
  T146/T147  PingXiang (萍乡)
 BeiJing (北京)
特快 15:20 10:52 19h37m 1726Km
  K4766/K4767  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 15:39 09:24 17h53m 1823Km
  K8718  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 15:49 19:31 3h42m 286Km
  K786/K787  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
Fast train 15:59 13:27 21h32m 1489Km
  K4654/K4651  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 16:26 08:25 16h6m 978Km
  K528  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 16:30 08:16 15h52m 1359Km
  K80  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 16:41 05:16 12h39m 1044Km
  K582/K583  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 16:51 06:17 13h31m 1000Km
  K150  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 17:06 06:12 13h12m 1064Km
  K1562/K1563  PingXiang (萍乡)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 17:23 15:00 21h43m 1573Km
  T152/T153  PingXiang (萍乡)
 TaiZhou (泰州)
特快 17:33 10:56 17h29m 1232Km
  K724/K721  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanTong (南通)
Fast train 17:46 11:15 17h35m 1155Km
  K1561/K1564  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 18:04 13:46 19h48m 1238Km
  K156  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanJing (南京)
Fast train 18:16 09:48 15h38m 1067Km
  K1077/K1076  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 18:26 06:52 12h32m 1000Km
  K1523  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 18:30 11:03 16h37m 1027Km
  K726/K727  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 18:56 14:56 44h6m 2982Km
  K875/K878  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 19:09 20:42 25h37m 1616Km
  K326/K327  PingXiang (萍乡)
 WenZhou (温州)
Fast train 19:26 10:00 14h39m 946Km
  K941/K944  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 19:41 09:32 13h54m 978Km
  K833  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 19:56 10:07 14h16m 978Km
  K581/K584  PingXiang (萍乡)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 20:52 12:24 15h36m 1196Km
  K149  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ZhanJiang (湛江)
Fast train 21:03 14:28 17h29m 1187Km
  K1078/K1075  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 21:16 15:29 18h17m 1123Km
  K1273/K1272  PingXiang (萍乡)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 21:20 10:10 12h54m 871Km
  K4389/K4388  PingXiang (萍乡)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 21:53 19:59 22h13m 844Km
  T171  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuangZhouDong (广州东)
特快 21:57 07:13 9h19m 744Km
  K576  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 22:10 11:18 13h12m 1044Km
  K534  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 22:17 11:25 13h12m 1044Km
  K1235  PingXiang (萍乡)
 KunMing (昆明)
Fast train 22:22 21:58 23h39m 1616Km
  K760  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 22:24 12:09 13h50m 1044Km
  K475/K478  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 23:08 13:19 14h16m 978Km
  K845/K848  PingXiang (萍乡)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 23:18 13:52 14h39m 978Km
  K1271/K1274  PingXiang (萍乡)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 23:28 14:30 39h6m 1971Km
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