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 The pingyang2 Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  G7572/G7573  PingYang (平阳)
 HuaiNanNan (淮南南)
高速铁路 06:22 15:06 8h44m 1178Km
  G7650  PingYang (平阳)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
高速铁路 07:28 11:45 4h19m 831Km
  G7670/G7671  PingYang (平阳)
 HuaiNanNan (淮南南)
高速铁路 07:50 14:37 6h47m 1178Km
  G7332  PingYang (平阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
高速铁路 08:07 11:51 3h50m 536Km
  G7346  PingYang (平阳)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
高速铁路 08:54 11:55 3h3m 377Km
  D3236  PingYang (平阳)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 10:13 14:48 4h37m 726Km
  G164  PingYang (平阳)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 10:26 19:53 9h29m 1656Km
  D3172  PingYang (平阳)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 11:14 14:40 3h28m 470Km
  G7501  PingYang (平阳)
 CangNan (苍南)
高速铁路 11:15 11:27 14m -76Km
  D3145/D3148  PingYang (平阳)
 GanZhou (赣州)
EMU 11:25 18:04 6h41m 907Km
  D3307  PingYang (平阳)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 11:50 18:47 6h59m 994Km
  D377  PingYang (平阳)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 12:27 19:25 7h0m 994Km
  D3201  PingYang (平阳)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 12:58 16:28 3h32m 480Km
  D3295/D3298  PingYang (平阳)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 13:15 17:50 4h37m 729Km
  D3292/D3293  PingYang (平阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 13:52 18:37 4h47m 323Km
  D3293/D3292  PingYang (平阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 13:52 18:37 4h47m 629Km
  G7550  PingYang (平阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
高速铁路 14:18 19:31 5h13m 536Km
  G7642  PingYang (平阳)
 XuZhouDong (徐州东)
高速铁路 16:37 22:26 5h51m 1255Km
  D3291/D3294  PingYang (平阳)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 16:51 21:29 4h40m 330Km
  D3146/D3147  PingYang (平阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 17:15 22:00 4h47m 629Km
  D3301/D3304  PingYang (平阳)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
EMU 17:30 22:58 5h30m 809Km
  G7350  PingYang (平阳)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
高速铁路 17:42 23:28 5h48m 831Km
  D3233  PingYang (平阳)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 17:52 22:10 4h20m 511Km
  D3308  PingYang (平阳)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 18:53 22:09 3h18m 470Km
  G7539  PingYang (平阳)
 CangNan (苍南)
高速铁路 19:06 19:17 13m -76Km
  D3169  PingYang (平阳)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 19:50 21:31 1h43m 254Km
  D3235  PingYang (平阳)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 20:08 22:26 2h28m 347Km
  G163  PingYang (平阳)
 CangNan (苍南)
高速铁路 20:18 20:30 14m 17Km
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