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 The qiqihaer Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K1260  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JinZhou (锦州)
Fast train 00:22 11:55 11h58m 864Km
  2083  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Ordinary quick 00:28 07:42 7h38m 507Km
  K1259  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 00:39 10:25 10h5m 693Km
  2667  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Ordinary quick 00:58 08:09 7h26m 431Km
  K7040  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 02:41 05:50 3h14m 317Km
  K7067/K7070  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 SuiHua (绥化)
Fast train 03:57 10:11 6h39m 442Km
  2084  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Ordinary quick 04:16 20:30 17h0m 1156Km
  K925/K928  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 04:28 13:50 33h45m 2398Km
  K7094  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Air conditioner fast 04:39 08:25 4h3m 271Km
  6259  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 FuLaErJi (富拉尔基)
Ordinary quick 04:51 05:29 38m 42Km
  K5141/K5144  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 FuYuan (抚远)
Fast train 05:10 04:26 23h16m 1284Km
  4083  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HeiHe (黑河)
Ordinary quick 05:30 16:48 11h18m 534Km
  K7245  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 NianZiShan (碾子山)
Fast train 05:40 07:42 2h2m 113Km
  D6902  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 05:47 07:44 1h57m 293Km
  2061  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Ordinary quick 05:58 13:41 8h9m 431Km
  K7058  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 06:20 09:25 3h28m 271Km
  K1081/K1084  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
Fast train 06:28 20:43 62h15m 4827Km
  D6906  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 06:41 08:34 1h53m 286Km
  6276  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 TaiLai (泰来)
Ordinary quick 06:58 09:30 2h32m 116Km
  T241/T244  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HeFei (合肥)
特快 07:35 12:53 29h18m 2494Km
  K1304  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 07:50 08:52 25h38m 1579Km
  K497  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Fast train 07:56 14:35 7h2m 238Km
  D6908  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 08:02 09:41 1h39m 286Km
  K7042  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 08:19 12:30 4h21m 317Km
  K1301  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 08:31 18:55 10h46m 723Km
  D6910  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 08:45 10:42 1h57m 286Km
  4187  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Ordinary quick 09:03 19:42 10h39m 693Km
  K5162/K5163  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiAn (北安)
Fast train 09:08 12:35 3h40m 231Km
  K7062/K7063  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HeGang (鹤岗)
Fast train 09:23 21:57 12h34m 875Km
  6278  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 TaiLai (泰来)
Ordinary quick 09:48 12:45 2h57m 116Km
  G768  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DalianBei (大连北)
高速铁路 10:02 16:01 5h59m 1214Km
  6245  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 GuLian (古莲)
Ordinary quick 10:03 06:51 20h48m 923Km
  K7105/K7108  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
Fast train 10:08 20:57 11h9m 795Km
  2123/2126  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DanDong (丹东)
Ordinary quick 10:25 08:09 21h44m 1390Km
  D6912  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 10:30 12:13 1h43m 286Km
  K7181  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 10:48 20:48 10h21m 1033Km
  K7247  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 NianZiShan (碾子山)
Fast train 10:55 12:45 1h50m 113Km
  D6914  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 11:10 12:31 1h21m 286Km
  D6916  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 11:48 13:48 2h0m 293Km
  K1230  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 12:45 05:40 16h55m 1181Km
  D5382/D5383  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaMuSi (佳木斯)
EMU 12:54 17:30 4h36m 629Km
  D5386/D5387  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 SuiFenHe (绥芬河)
EMU 13:34 18:58 5h24m 723Km
  K7104  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
Fast train 13:45 17:16 4h5m 288Km
  D6918  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 14:03 15:50 1h47m 286Km
  4086  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 TaiLai (泰来)
Ordinary quick 14:50 16:43 1h53m 116Km
  K7149  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Fast train 15:10 21:33 6h23m 431Km
  D6920  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 15:12 16:55 1h43m 286Km
  D6922  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 Harbin (哈尔滨)
EMU 15:26 17:22 1h56m 286Km
  K996/K997  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 15:32 16:14 49h5m 3616Km
  K550  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Fast train 15:46 07:19 15h33m 1156Km
  K7123  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 NeHe (讷河)
Fast train 15:52 17:48 1h56m 150Km
  4081  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiAn (北安)
Ordinary quick 16:15 20:30 4h15m 231Km
  K47/K50  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HangZhou (杭州)
Fast train 16:17 09:09 40h52m 2893Km
  K7103  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Fast train 16:30 23:18 7h4m 431Km
  D6924  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 16:42 18:41 1h59m 293Km
  K293/K296  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 16:49 18:06 25h17m 1904Km
  K7249  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ZhaLanTun (扎兰屯)
Fast train 17:01 20:03 3h2m 174Km
  K568/K569  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DongGuanDong (东莞东)
Fast train 17:09 21:15 52h6m 3751Km
  D6926  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 17:16 19:14 1h58m 293Km
  K7184/K7185  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 WuYiLing (乌伊岭)
Fast train 17:23 08:40 15h17m 899Km
  T130  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DaLian (大连)
特快 17:48 06:55 13h7m 1249Km
  6280  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 SanJianFang (三间房)
Ordinary quick 17:59 18:40 41m 30Km
  K498  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 18:13 12:42 18h52m 1349Km
  Z84  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
新空直达 18:23 08:24 14h1m 1537Km
  K7106/K7107  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 NenJiang (嫩江)
Fast train 18:30 21:37 3h40m 243Km
  T40  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
特快 18:36 12:33 17h57m 1537Km
  T48  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
特快 18:53 09:14 14h21m 1537Km
  D6932  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 19:43 21:44 2h1m 293Km
  2062  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 DaLian (大连)
Ordinary quick 19:54 12:28 16h58m 1156Km
  K7154/K7155  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HuLin (虎林)
Fast train 20:05 11:49 15h44m 1024Km
  K7039  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 MoHe (漠河)
Fast train 20:18 07:36 11h24m 877Km
  2668  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ShenYang (沈阳)
Ordinary quick 20:39 05:58 9h43m 759Km
  D6934  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
EMU 21:30 23:15 1h45m 293Km
  K273/K276  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
Fast train 21:39 22:05 24h49m 1795Km
  K1303  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Fast train 21:48 04:33 7h32m 549Km
  K7041  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 MoHe (漠河)
Fast train 21:58 10:06 12h20m 877Km
  K926/K927  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Fast train 22:05 05:10 7h44m 507Km
  K7093  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 22:21 22:19 24h24m 647Km
  K7093/K7096  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Fast train 22:21 17:56 19h57m 461Km
  K7057  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 22:31 07:55 9h52m 647Km
  K995/K998  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 HaiLaEr (海拉尔)
Fast train 22:51 05:50 7h21m 507Km
  K274/K275  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 ManZhouLi (满洲里)
Fast train 23:08 08:24 9h38m 845Km
  K1302  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 23:27 21:07 22h6m 1574Km
  K7068/K7069  QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
 JiaGeDaQi (加格达奇)
Fast train 23:57 06:23 6h48m 431Km
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