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 The shangyu Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K846/K847  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 03:49 05:11 1h25m 38Km
  K335/K338  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 08:14 09:38 1h27m 80Km
  K422/K423  ShangYu (上虞)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 08:57 16:43 31h54m 2393Km
  K423/K422  ShangYu (上虞)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 08:57 16:43 31h54m 2393Km
  T135  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
特快 09:34 11:12 1h41m 80Km
  T325/T328  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
特快 09:41 11:48 2h10m -48Km
  K1075/K1078  ShangYu (上虞)
 ChongQingBei (重庆北)
Fast train 09:49 11:58 26h12m 2043Km
  K845/K848  ShangYu (上虞)
 GuiYang (贵阳)
Fast train 12:23 14:20 26h0m 1898Km
  K165/K168  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 13:37 15:15 1h41m 80Km
  K1040/K1041  ShangYu (上虞)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Fast train 14:07 20:08 30h5m 2200Km
  K466/K467  ShangYu (上虞)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 14:42 13:37 22h58m 1535Km
  K1217/K1220  ShangYu (上虞)
 NanChang (南昌)
Fast train 15:07 05:35 14h38m 657Km
  T326/T327  ShangYu (上虞)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
特快 15:23 06:00 14h40m 1138Km
  K210/K211  ShangYu (上虞)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 15:23 16:45 1h25m 80Km
  K209/K212  ShangYu (上虞)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 16:29 14:18 21h53m 1516Km
  K336/K337  ShangYu (上虞)
 ChangChun (长春)
Fast train 16:52 09:56 41h7m 2901Km
  T136  ShangYu (上虞)
 JiNan (济南)
特快 19:02 10:14 15h15m 1234Km
  K166/K167  ShangYu (上虞)
 LuoYang (洛阳)
Fast train 19:14 17:24 22h13m 1339Km
  K8500  ShangYu (上虞)
 FuYang (阜阳)
Fast train 20:42 06:12 9h33m 757Km
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