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 The shaoyang Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K1523  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 00:03 11:03 11h13m 723Km
  K1780  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangSha (长沙)
Fast train 00:09 04:48 4h47m 275Km
  K1524  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 JiuJiang (九江)
Fast train 00:38 10:17 9h45m 725Km
  K1779  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 00:42 11:38 11h2m 723Km
  K581/K584  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 01:34 12:18 10h50m 934Km
  K575  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 YongZhou (永州)
Fast train 07:42 09:05 1h35m 0Km
  G6481/G6484  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 FutTian (福田)
高速铁路 08:00 13:31 5h31m 1031Km
  G6452  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 09:20 10:41 1h21m 213Km
  K582/K583  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 NingBo (宁波)
Fast train 11:28 06:17 18h55m 1304Km
  K1562/K1563  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 12:07 15:00 27h11m 1666Km
  G6454  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 13:40 14:56 1h16m 213Km
  G6485/G6488  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 FutTian (福田)
高速铁路 14:45 20:30 5h45m 1031Km
  G2366  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
高速铁路 15:28 22:52 7h24m 1296Km
  K576  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 16:59 11:18 18h30m 1348Km
  G6462  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 17:15 18:59 1h44m 213Km
  K1803  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ZhanJiang (湛江)
Fast train 18:00 07:20 13h32m 846Km
  G6456  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 18:15 19:31 1h16m 213Km
  G6458  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 19:55 21:36 1h41m 213Km
  K9083/K9086  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ShenZhenXi (深圳西)
Fast train 20:02 10:20 14h18m 1040Km
  G6460  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 20:38 22:03 1h25m 213Km
  G6464  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 21:25 22:54 1h29m 213Km
  K1804  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 WuChang (武昌)
Fast train 22:18 08:28 10h16m 606Km
  K1561/K1564  ShaoYang (邵阳)
 NanNing (南宁)
Fast train 23:33 13:46 14h19m 934Km
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