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 The suizhou Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  T248/T245  SuiZhou (随州)
 WuChang (武昌)
特快 02:54 04:55 2h5m 179Km
  K902/K903  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
Fast train 05:19 22:52 17h38m 1373Km
  K973/K976  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 06:59 08:57 2h0m 149Km
  K642/K643  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
Fast train 07:14 10:58 3h48m 313Km
  K122/K123  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
Fast train 07:25 11:30 4h8m 313Km
  K389/K392  SuiZhou (随州)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 08:03 04:40 20h41m 1271Km
  D5235  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 08:15 09:20 1h7m 149Km
  K1655/K1658  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShenZhenDong (深圳东)
Fast train 08:53 05:30 20h39m 1456Km
  D5241  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
EMU 09:15 11:50 2h37m 314Km
  D5250  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 09:27 10:52 1h28m 166Km
  D5218/D5215  SuiZhou (随州)
 WuHan (武汉)
EMU 09:27 11:28 2h3m 351Km
  D5242  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 09:40 11:00 1h22m 166Km
  D5208  SuiZhou (随州)
 WuHan (武汉)
EMU 09:54 11:54 2h2m 197Km
  K1656/K1657  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 09:56 12:10 2h17m 149Km
  D3084  SuiZhou (随州)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 10:36 15:06 4h32m 682Km
  D5272/D5273  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 10:40 11:45 1h7m 149Km
  K351/K354  SuiZhou (随州)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 11:16 04:48 17h44m 1166Km
  D5212/D5213  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 11:30 12:40 1h12m 149Km
  K756/K757  SuiZhou (随州)
 LuoYang (洛阳)
Fast train 11:41 19:30 7h52m 527Km
  D5252  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 11:41 12:58 1h19m 166Km
  D5253  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 12:40 13:45 1h7m 149Km
  D5221/D5224  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 12:40 13:45 1h7m 149Km
  T126/T127  SuiZhou (随州)
 DongGuanDong (东莞东)
特快 12:58 05:25 16h29m 1403Km
  K1195/K1198  SuiZhou (随州)
 QingDaoBei (青岛北)
Fast train 13:11 16:14 27h6m 1673Km
  D3002/D3003  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYangDong (襄阳东)
EMU 13:24 14:26 1h5m 143Km
  D5234  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 13:25 14:53 1h31m 166Km
  D9342/D9343  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
EMU 13:42 16:27 2h48m 314Km
  D5282/D5283  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
EMU 14:02 17:05 3h5m 314Km
  D5211/D5214  SuiZhou (随州)
 HuangGangDong (黄冈东)
EMU 14:11 16:37 2h28m 267Km
  D5206/D5207  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYangDong (襄阳东)
EMU 14:12 15:16 1h6m 143Km
  K804/K805  SuiZhou (随州)
 ChongQingXi (重庆西)
Fast train 14:24 05:26 15h5m 1021Km
  K974/K975  SuiZhou (随州)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
Fast train 15:22 07:48 40h29m 2809Km
  K1125/K1128  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 15:33 08:30 17h3m 1217Km
  K352/K353  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 15:41 12:35 20h58m 1351Km
  K121/K124  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 15:50 11:40 19h52m 1363Km
  D5231  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 16:01 17:05 1h6m 149Km
  D3001/D3004  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
EMU 16:04 23:29 7h27m 1013Km
  D5233  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 17:00 18:10 1h12m 149Km
  D5276/D5277  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 18:27 19:32 1h7m 149Km
  D5232  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 18:44 20:00 1h18m 166Km
  D5226/D5227  SuiZhou (随州)
 ShiYan (十堰)
EMU 19:00 21:39 2h44m 314Km
  D5222/D5223  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYangDong (襄阳东)
EMU 19:22 20:25 1h5m 143Km
  K1196/K1197  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
Fast train 20:09 21:53 1h46m 147Km
  D5246  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 20:21 21:48 1h30m 166Km
  D3083  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 20:34 21:44 1h12m 149Km
  K641/K644  SuiZhou (随州)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 20:55 12:10 15h29m 1248Km
  D5254  SuiZhou (随州)
 HanKou (汉口)
EMU 21:12 22:36 1h37m 166Km
  T246/T247  SuiZhou (随州)
 ChengDuDong (成都东)
特快 21:18 11:20 14h7m 1163Km
  D5216/D5217  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 21:28 22:33 1h7m 154Km
  D5225/D5228  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 21:28 22:33 1h7m 154Km
  D3010/D3011  SuiZhou (随州)
 XiangYang (襄阳)
EMU 21:28 22:33 1h7m 149Km
  K1295/K1298  SuiZhou (随州)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 22:19 14:10 15h54m 1269Km
  K755/K758  SuiZhou (随州)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 22:42 14:18 15h49m 1248Km
  K803/K806  SuiZhou (随州)
 FuZhou (福州)
Fast train 22:56 18:02 19h9m 1152Km
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