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 The xianyou Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D6201  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 07:24 08:32 1h10m 147Km
  G2046/G2047  XianYou (仙游)
 ZhengZhouDong (郑州东)
高速铁路 07:48 17:35 9h49m 1579Km
  D2327  XianYou (仙游)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 08:01 12:46 4h47m 630Km
  D2323  XianYou (仙游)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 10:15 14:47 4h34m 630Km
  D3296/D3297  XianYou (仙游)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 10:42 18:46 8h6m 1090Km
  D3297/D3296  XianYou (仙游)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 10:42 18:46 8h6m 1090Km
  G1681/G1684  XianYou (仙游)
 KunMingNan (昆明南)
高速铁路 10:49 22:27 11h40m 2083Km
  G1674  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
高速铁路 10:58 18:05 7h9m 969Km
  D3292/D3293  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 11:03 18:37 7h36m 687Km
  D3293/D3292  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 11:03 18:37 7h36m 993Km
  D6208  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 11:09 12:05 58m 129Km
  D3285/D3288  XianYou (仙游)
 RuiChangXi (瑞昌西)
EMU 11:15 16:34 5h21m 722Km
  D3126  XianYou (仙游)
 YangZhou (扬州)
EMU 11:21 21:42 10h24m -631Km
  G356  XianYou (仙游)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 11:46 22:23 10h39m 1937Km
  D6221  XianYou (仙游)
 ZhaoAn (诏安)
EMU 12:04 13:57 2h1m 266Km
  D2352  XianYou (仙游)
 NanPingShi (南平市)
EMU 12:04 14:29 2h33m 354Km
  G4206/G4207  XianYou (仙游)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 12:11 19:05 6h56m 1052Km
  D6576/D6577  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 12:16 13:19 1h5m 129Km
  D6210  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 12:52 14:00 1h10m 129Km
  D3132/D3133  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 12:59 20:34 7h37m 993Km
  D2308  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 13:06 14:01 57m 110Km
  D2302  XianYou (仙游)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 13:12 15:30 2h21m 310Km
  D3146/D3147  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 14:46 22:00 7h16m 993Km
  G1691/G1694  XianYou (仙游)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 16:34 22:23 5h51m 1052Km
  D2306  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 16:39 17:28 51m 110Km
  D6529  XianYou (仙游)
 ZhangZhou (漳州)
EMU 16:55 18:02 1h9m 158Km
  D3107  XianYou (仙游)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 17:07 21:33 0m 630Km
  D3212  XianYou (仙游)
 HuZhou (湖州)
EMU 18:01 23:34 5h35m 812Km
  D6562  XianYou (仙游)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 18:16 22:44 4h30m 572Km
  D3220  XianYou (仙游)
 NingBo (宁波)
EMU 18:36 22:54 4h20m 679Km
  G1679  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMen (厦门)
高速铁路 18:48 20:01 1h15m 147Km
  D8970  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 18:49 19:27 40m 110Km
  D6532  XianYou (仙游)
 NanChang (南昌)
EMU 19:03 23:25 4h24m 572Km
  D2324  XianYou (仙游)
 TaiNing (泰宁)
EMU 19:24 21:49 2h27m 312Km
  D3336  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 19:31 20:14 45m 110Km
  D2298  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 19:37 20:21 46m 110Km
  D2304  XianYou (仙游)
 ShangRao (上饶)
EMU 19:42 23:04 3h24m 469Km
  D6534  XianYou (仙游)
 NanChangXi (南昌西)
EMU 19:47 23:46 4h1m 572Km
  C9622/C9623  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
城际列车 19:53 20:36 45m 110Km
  D3338  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 20:22 21:06 46m 110Km
  D3233  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 20:55 22:10 1h17m 147Km
  D672  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 20:58 21:41 45m 110Km
  D6444/D6445  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 21:04 22:05 1h3m 96Km
  D6419/D6422  XianYou (仙游)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 21:10 22:58 1h50m 272Km
  D2326  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 21:15 21:58 45m 110Km
  G5303  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMen (厦门)
高速铁路 21:21 22:28 1h9m 147Km
  D2312  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 21:26 22:03 40m 110Km
  D3334  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 21:31 22:15 46m 110Km
  D3217  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 21:55 22:41 48m 231Km
  D3305  XianYou (仙游)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 22:04 22:50 48m 116Km
  D6448/D6449  XianYou (仙游)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 22:05 23:10 1h7m 96Km
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