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 The xiapu Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  D3170  XiaPu (霞浦)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 07:47 11:42 3h58m 484Km
  D3109  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 08:28 09:41 1h15m 155Km
  D382  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 08:40 13:46 5h8m 736Km
  G56  XiaPu (霞浦)
 BeiJingNan (北京南)
高速铁路 09:03 18:53 0m 1856Km
  D3236  XiaPu (霞浦)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 09:27 14:48 5h23m 833Km
  D3172  XiaPu (霞浦)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 10:34 14:40 4h8m 577Km
  D3142/D3143  XiaPu (霞浦)
 NanJing (南京)
EMU 10:45 18:08 7h25m 1020Km
  D6335  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuZhou (福州)
EMU 10:57 12:23 1h28m 155Km
  D3216  XiaPu (霞浦)
 NingBo (宁波)
EMU 10:58 13:51 2h55m 422Km
  D6321/D6324  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 11:05 11:25 22m 53Km
  D3166/D3167  XiaPu (霞浦)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 11:28 15:24 3h58m 577Km
  D6596/D6597  XiaPu (霞浦)
 GanZhou (赣州)
EMU 12:51 20:13 7h32m 800Km
  D6597/D6596  XiaPu (霞浦)
 GanZhou (赣州)
EMU 12:51 20:13 7h32m 800Km
  D3126  XiaPu (霞浦)
 YangZhou (扬州)
EMU 13:24 21:42 8h20m -888Km
  D2294  XiaPu (霞浦)
 NanJingNan (南京南)
EMU 14:19 20:33 0m 833Km
  D3132/D3133  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 15:01 20:34 5h35m 736Km
  D2302  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 15:10 15:30 22m 53Km
  D3107  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 15:23 21:33 0m 887Km
  D3206  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 15:39 20:51 5h14m 736Km
  D3165/D3168  XiaPu (霞浦)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 16:05 20:31 4h28m 332Km
  D6333  XiaPu (霞浦)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 16:17 19:25 3h10m 404Km
  D3146/D3147  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 16:35 22:00 5h27m 736Km
  D2283  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
EMU 16:37 22:40 6h5m 887Km
  D2288  XiaPu (霞浦)
 ShangHaiHongQiao (上海虹桥)
EMU 17:28 22:36 5h10m 736Km
  D3291/D3294  XiaPu (霞浦)
 LongYan (龙岩)
EMU 17:37 21:29 3h54m 223Km
  G55  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuZhou (福州)
高速铁路 17:52 18:59 1h9m 155Km
  D3308  XiaPu (霞浦)
 HangZhouDong (杭州东)
EMU 18:13 22:09 3h58m 577Km
  D3213  XiaPu (霞浦)
 XiaMen (厦门)
EMU 18:44 22:23 3h41m 404Km
  D3212  XiaPu (霞浦)
 HuZhou (湖州)
EMU 19:47 23:34 3h49m 555Km
  D3217  XiaPu (霞浦)
 XiaMenBei (厦门北)
EMU 20:08 22:41 2h35m 488Km
  D381  XiaPu (霞浦)
 PuTian (莆田)
EMU 20:20 22:26 2h8m 223Km
  D6330  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuDing (福鼎)
EMU 20:40 21:06 28m 53Km
  D3235  XiaPu (霞浦)
 FuZhouNan (福州南)
EMU 21:19 22:26 1h9m 240Km
  D3110  XiaPu (霞浦)
 WenZhouNan (温州南)
EMU 21:44 22:41 59m 147Km
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