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 The xinyi2 Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K9131  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 07:40 09:06 1h26m 97Km
  K9133  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 08:31 09:48 1h17m 97Km
  K9135  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 09:22 10:50 1h28m 97Km
  K9137  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 10:58 12:21 1h23m 97Km
  K9139  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 11:48 13:14 1h26m 97Km
  K9141  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 12:38 13:52 1h14m 97Km
  K9050/K9143  XinYi (信宜)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 14:10 21:04 6h54m 458Km
  K9145  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 15:05 16:12 1h7m 97Km
  K9147  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 16:01 17:26 1h25m 97Km
  K9149  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 17:27 18:54 1h27m 97Km
  K9151  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 18:19 19:35 1h16m 97Km
  K9153  XinYi (信宜)
 MaoMing (茂名)
Fast train 19:10 20:17 1h7m 97Km
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