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 The zhanjiangxi Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K511  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 HaiKou (海口)
Fast train 00:23 07:40 7h37m 306Km
  K512  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ShangHaiNan (上海南)
Fast train 00:43 08:49 32h12m 2234Km
  Z202  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 01:46 06:46 29h4m 2748Km
  Z111/Z114  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 HaiKou (海口)
新空直达 02:58 08:46 5h54m 306Km
  D7452  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 07:28 10:24 2h56m 430Km
  D7168  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 07:34 10:29 2h55m 430Km
  G6086/G6087  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ShanTou (汕头)
高速铁路 07:52 14:15 6h23m 868Km
  D7454  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 08:08 10:56 2h48m 430Km
  D7500  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 08:18 11:34 3h16m 430Km
  D7456  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 08:53 11:59 3h6m 430Km
  D7458  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 09:31 12:40 3h9m 430Km
  D7462  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 11:01 14:06 3h5m 430Km
  Z384/Z385  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 SanYa (三亚)
新空直达 11:10 20:00 8h56m 682Km
  D7464  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 11:38 14:46 3h8m 430Km
  D7494  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 11:56 15:48 3h52m 430Km
  D7490  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 12:14 15:09 2h55m 430Km
  D7194  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 12:50 16:23 3h33m 430Km
  D7468  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 13:20 16:04 2h44m 430Km
  D7470  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 13:36 16:42 3h6m 430Km
  D7472  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 13:53 17:15 3h22m 430Km
  G6082/G6083  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ShanTou (汕头)
高速铁路 14:17 20:52 6h35m 868Km
  D7170  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 14:24 17:30 3h6m 430Km
  D7474  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ZhaoQingDong (肇庆东)
EMU 14:36 18:33 3h57m 532Km
  D7476  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 15:10 18:09 2h59m 430Km
  D7478  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ZhaoQingDong (肇庆东)
EMU 15:25 19:24 3h59m 532Km
  Z383/Z386  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ChangChun (长春)
新空直达 15:31 11:43 44h20m 3944Km
  D7498  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 16:03 18:59 2h56m 430Km
  D7480  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 16:17 19:36 3h19m 430Km
  D7125/D7128  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ZhuHai (珠海)
EMU 16:36 20:43 4h7m 548Km
  G6128  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ChangShaNan (长沙南)
高速铁路 16:41 22:22 5h41m 1139Km
  D7558  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 16:52 20:07 3h15m 430Km
  D922  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
EMU 17:15 06:40 13h25m 2730Km
  D7556  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 17:15 19:59 2h44m 430Km
  D7486  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 FoShanXi (佛山西)
EMU 18:42 22:16 3h34m 465Km
  K458  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ZhengZhou (郑州)
Fast train 19:15 23:05 28h3m 2031Km
  D7492  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 FoShanXi (佛山西)
EMU 19:24 22:54 3h30m 465Km
  D7488  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 FoShanXi (佛山西)
EMU 20:04 23:23 3h19m 465Km
  D7172  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 FoShanXi (佛山西)
EMU 20:36 23:49 3h13m 465Km
  D7496  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 GuangZhouNan (广州南)
EMU 21:07 23:49 2h42m 430Km
  G9534/G9535  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 ShenZhenBei (深圳北)
高速铁路 21:18 00:49 3h31m 534Km
  Z201  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 SanYa (三亚)
新空直达 22:13 08:12 10h9m 669Km
  K457  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 HaiKou (海口)
Fast train 22:41 05:00 6h25m 278Km
  Z112/Z113  ZhanJiangXi (湛江西)
 HarbinXi (哈尔滨西)
新空直达 22:46 18:01 43h25m 3970Km
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