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 The zhongwei Railway Station train timetable is as follows:
Train No. From - To Type Departure Time Arrival Time Travel Time Distance
  K1295/K1298  ZhongWei (中卫)
 GuangZhou (广州)
Fast train 00:28 14:10 37h59m 2622Km
  K1082/K1083  ZhongWei (中卫)
 QiQiHaEr (齐齐哈尔)
Fast train 00:35 17:42 41h22m 2920Km
  K9664  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ChangQingQiao (长庆桥)
Fast train 01:27 08:34 7h15m 414Km
  K815  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiNing (西宁)
Fast train 01:35 10:03 8h38m 522Km
  Z312  ZhongWei (中卫)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
新空直达 02:05 14:11 12h13m 838Km
  Z56  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 02:23 13:38 11h21m 1263Km
  T175  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiNing (西宁)
特快 02:27 10:36 8h21m 518Km
  Z55  ZhongWei (中卫)
 LanZhou (兰州)
新空直达 02:36 07:30 5h0m 302Km
  K196/K197  ZhongWei (中卫)
 HuHeHaoTeDong (呼和浩特东)
Fast train 02:58 14:06 11h33m 780Km
  2635  ZhongWei (中卫)
 LanZhouXi (兰州西)
Ordinary quick 03:35 09:32 6h10m 316Km
  K9663  ZhongWei (中卫)
 LanZhou (兰州)
Fast train 03:57 09:19 5h36m 412Km
  K816  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 04:35 07:10 2h49m 162Km
  Z311  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiNing (西宁)
新空直达 05:12 13:58 8h53m 522Km
  K1085/K1088  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 05:15 07:47 2h52m 162Km
  T301/T304  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ChangChun (长春)
特快 05:47 17:39 36h7m 2609Km
  K1305/K1308  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 06:25 09:17 3h12m 162Km
  Z21  ZhongWei (中卫)
 Lhasa (拉萨)
新空直达 07:16 12:45 29h40m 2490Km
  K1296/K1297  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 08:04 10:25 2h36m 110Km
  Z70  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 08:37 20:22 12h2m 1298Km
  K1336/K1337  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YiNing (伊宁)
Fast train 08:57 16:08 31h26m 1628Km
  K195/K198  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 09:27 05:26 20h35m 1068Km
  K9881/K9884  ZhongWei (中卫)
 LongNan (陇南)
Fast train 09:52 19:11 9h34m 676Km
  7511/7514  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ChangQingQiao (长庆桥)
Ordinary quick 10:55 19:27 8h53m 414Km
  Z180  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 14:21 09:55 19h49m 1298Km
  K1615/K1618  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ChengDu (成都)
Fast train 14:28 13:51 23h42m 1680Km
  K886/K887  ZhongWei (中卫)
 TianJin (天津)
Fast train 14:39 14:12 23h45m 1634Km
  7532/7533  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Ordinary quick 15:26 23:14 7h48m 425Km
  7519  ZhongWei (中卫)
 WuWei (武威)
Ordinary quick 16:18 21:34 5h16m 257Km
  K9652  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 16:38 19:50 3h12m 162Km
  Z179  ZhongWei (中卫)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
新空直达 16:48 10:34 18h1m 1877Km
  K360/K361  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 17:00 19:31 2h47m 162Km
  K1616/K1617  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 17:12 21:18 4h21m 184Km
  2636  ZhongWei (中卫)
 HuHeHaoTe (呼和浩特)
Ordinary quick 17:21 06:18 13h12m 838Km
  K9882/K9883  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Fast train 17:38 21:00 3h28m 162Km
  7512/7513  ZhongWei (中卫)
 YinChuan (银川)
Ordinary quick 17:51 21:42 4h10m 162Km
  K41/K44  ZhongWei (中卫)
 DunHuang (敦煌)
Fast train 18:24 08:11 14h2m 1087Km
  K1335/K1338  ZhongWei (中卫)
 JiNan (济南)
Fast train 18:37 11:46 17h24m 1284Km
  K1306/K1307  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 20:05 08:17 12h27m 684Km
  K1081/K1084  ZhongWei (中卫)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
Fast train 20:32 20:43 24h26m 1907Km
  T176  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
特快 20:38 09:37 13h12m 1263Km
  K1086/K1087  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiAn (西安)
Fast train 21:10 08:28 11h37m 644Km
  Z22  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJingXi (北京西)
新空直达 21:35 08:28 11h1m 1263Km
  K43/K42  ZhongWei (中卫)
 BeiJing (北京)
Fast train 21:53 19:39 21h53m 1497Km
  K1518/K1519  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ShenYangBei (沈阳北)
Fast train 22:08 06:31 32h36m 2300Km
  K885/K888  ZhongWei (中卫)
 LanZhouXi (兰州西)
Fast train 22:26 05:42 7h28m 443Km
  Z69  ZhongWei (中卫)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
新空直达 22:43 16:59 18h31m 1531Km
  K1517/K1520  ZhongWei (中卫)
 XiNing (西宁)
Fast train 23:06 08:10 9h17m 634Km
  T302/T303  ZhongWei (中卫)
 WuLuMuQi (乌鲁木齐)
特快 23:18 18:31 19h30m 1898Km
  K359/K362  ZhongWei (中卫)
 ShangHai (上海)
Fast train 23:46 05:56 30h25m 2130Km
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